The WCTA Presents it's First "Best Practices Award




The WCTA would like to recognize the Walton County Tax Collector’s office for managing effectively during tough economic times.

As you know The tax collector’s office gets a certified tax roll each October from the property appraiser’s office. The tax roll is used to generate property tax bills. The tax collector cannot reduce or adjust the amount of taxes due on any account. Any changes in the assessed value of a property must be issued through the property appraiser’s office.

Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper and her team have not had to change the way they do business because of the economy. They did not grow government during the high revenue years. Reducing expenditures and improving efficiency have been a priority since Rhonda took office as tax collector in 2005. It is for this reason that WCTA is recognizing Rhonda and her team.

Rhonda and Cory Godwin, Chief Deputy Tax Collector, have developed a strategic plan entitled “Journey to Excellence” and a bold vision statement:

The Walton County Tax Collector’s office will become a national leader among public service organizations recognized for our inspired and talented employees, excellence in customer service, financial accountability, relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, and operational effectiveness in performing our responsibilities in a manner that earns the faith, trust and confidence of the public.

The consequence of their strategic planning process is a results/performance driven budget. Cory says that everything they do is planned, measured and anticipated through the 9-step process in their strategic plan.

A copy of the “Journey to Excellence” plan is available on their Web site,, under the “About Us”- Open Government page. You can also follow along as members of the Executive Leadership Team share articles and insights on their “Journey to Excellence” blog site, For more information, feel free to contact Cory Godwin at or call him at 850-892-8121.

We believe their strategic planning process is bringing measurable benefit to all of Walton County.