BCC Contemplates A Voluntary Retirement/Separation Program

The County is facing significant revenue reductions for the fiscal year 2012 budget.

At this time it is difficult to ascertain the exact amount of loss in revenue. However, a reduction of approximately $2,000,000- $4,000,000 is likely to be expected.

A Voluntary Retirement/Separation Program is being offered to all County employees to help reduce costs and offer an opportunity to those employees that may be considering retirement or other career


Employees interested in this program will be required to complete an application and submit it to the Walton County Human Resources Department. The application will be assessed to determine the
effect the potential vacancy may have on the department/division, on the county organization as a whole, and on the county's ability to maintain the required level of service and continue meeting the needs of the community. Therefore, every submitted application may not necessarily be approved.


Severance Package Details


Severance pay will be provided in conjunction with a Separation
Agreement, signed by the employee, and will be based upon the formulas below. Employees shall have 7 calendar days after signing the Separation Agreement to change their mind.

Severance packages will be processed after this waiting period.

$1000.00 per year of FRS Service- Maximum 26 year cap
120 hours of annual leave (if accrued)
120 hours of sick leave (if accrued)
Leave paid out according to county policy

Other Benefits

Health and Dental Insurance: Retirees will convert to retiree premiums. Non-retirees may elect to continue coverage under COBRA. If selected, the full premium shall be paid by the separating employee
and will be effective on Sep 1, 2011.

Unemployment Compensation: Unemployment compensation is available to those that qualify.

Outplacement Services are available throughout the Florida panhandle area. County employment references will be available.



Note: The BCC Approved this on June 14th